28 September 2011

new darse hadis by Shaikh Hanif sb luharvi(d.b) on 27-09-2011

Subject:Aurato k Huquq
(The rights of Women)
  • Ibn Taymiyya being questioned about Tawheed (He was asked that we understand the oneness of Allah through the heavenly books and the manifestation of Allah's power, then what was the needs for Prophets? and his answer..)
  • Tafseer of the verse وَعَاشِرُوهُنَّ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ
  • The wisdom behind the marriages of the Prophet (saw) (11 in total)
  • Prophet (saw) was not allowed to marry more than 11 wives.
  • The wisdom behind 4 wives
  • The wisdom behind the hadith which prohibits from using left over water from a non-mehram women
  • Books have been written on all aspects of the Prophet (saw)'s life, however the psychological wisdom behind his actions remains to be gathered in a book.
  • The wisdom behind forgiving (giving safety) to those who sought protection in the house of Abu Sufyan during the conquest of Makkah
  • Shaikh Sa'dis writings are of such a high standard that they could be included in the Dawrah Hadeeth year.
  • The saying of Hazrat Thaanwi 'Let (bad) thoughts come but do not bring them)
  • The wisdom behind the revelation of Surah Takaathur
  • When the Prophet (saw) would spend his turn at Aaishah (ra)'s house, the Sahaaba would send gifts. On this, his other wives (ra) would complain, and Aaishah's reply to these complaints..
  • Warning on being unjust between 2 wive
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