06 September 2011

interview with hazrat moulana abdullah kapodravi sb(d.b).

alhamdulillah today morning we were in pleasant company of hazrat moulana abdullah kapodravi sb(d.b).
hazrat is 78 years old and one of very respectable and knowledgable ulema here in sub continent,now resides in Toronto- Canada,but oftenly visits india.
Afterall to know more abot him,plz listen interview

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  1. Allah grant him long healthy life, has such concernful heart which beats for the issues this ummah faces globally. became inspiring n pillar of support for many who are serving for the reality of peace for mankind. gave his sixty years from his age for the betterment n for the zahiri n batini Elm of his many students who are all over the world.has an insight for many happenings around us time to come it will be taken as admired predictions.as I m going through the memorable memories from 1978 to todate it brings regrets that we would have benifited more from this great servant of Islam .