30 September 2011

1 Very Important Clarification

1 Very Important Clarification
3 days ago a user posted on www.sunniforum.com posted a message mentioning the passing away of the scholars Maulana Abdul Majeed Nadeem Sb.. After waiting 2 days and receiving confirmation from 1 senior member of the forum, we posted this news on our site. 
(The time between the initial post and our annoucnment on the site can be checked by visiting the forum. The thread about his alleged death is in the General Section (although the site is currently down for maintenence at the moment)
However, we have now received confirmation that this new is not correct and Maulana Abdul Majeed Nadeem Sb is alive and well Alhamdulillah. May Allah (swt) increase Maulana's life and allow us to benefit from him.
If this news caused any difficulty for any of our visitors. then we ask you to pray for forgiveness for ourselves, Maulana, and the whole Ummah.

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  1. Asslamu alykum w.w muje inglish jyada nahi aati,mehrbani kar ke ye post ko jara hindi,urdu me muje sort me samjayye,