31 December 2015

7 very rar golden voice bayans


Assalamu alaikum ww
Alhamdulillah we have added 7 bayans onto our website Golden Voice section:

1.Darse hadis by Hazrat Shaikh Zakariya ra 

2.Bayan by Hazrat Moulana Saeed Randeri(r.a)

3.Bayan in Lahore @ 1960 by Hazrat Ml Yusuf sb kandhalwi ra

4.Ibadat aur Dawat By Hazrat Mo.Muhammed Ahmed Pratapgarhi ra 

5.Ml Muhammed Miya hasani ra ki wafat per bayan By Mo.Muhammed Ahmed Pratapgarhi ra

6.Namaz ki ahmiyat By Hazrat Mo.masihullah Khan sb ra

7.Majlis of Hazrat Shah Wasiullah sb Ra

Please visit a link given below to listen/download them

We request all to take out some time and benefit from these golden words. Please also forward to others.

Jazakallahu khairan

02 December 2015

2015 Bhopal Ijtema bayanat

Assalamu alaikum ww,
Alhamdulillah 6 bayans of the 2015 Bhopal Ijtema have been uploaded.

Speakers include:
Moulana Saad sb
Moulana Ahmed laat sb
Moulana Shaukat sb
Mushtaq bhai Goregaw
Kindly click on the link given below 

Please listen to these valuable lectures and broadcast to your contacts
Jazakallahu khairan