05 June 2011

Reality of Dr.Zakir naik sb by shaikh hanif sb luharvi(d.b)

Assalamu alaikum
Shaikhul hadis haz.Mo.Muhammed hanif sb Luharvi(d.b) told some True facts and reality about Dr.Zakir naik in Monthly darse Hadis on 03-06-2011 .Plz see this link and listen 23.50 to 28.35 or see our website www.attablig.com


  1. An above this mp3 there is no related spoke about Dr.Zakir Naik.Plz dont blame on Dr.Naik .He is spreading Quran and Hadeeth.but your are following 4 Imams May Allah Give hidahya to you people. Ameen......

  2. Wasim bhai, aap ki baato se yeh to saaf hai ke aap deoband ke ulema ke khilaf hai. Koi baat nahi hum aap ko ahlesunnat ka reference dete hai. Kindly please refer to that Aur kaam se kaam darje mein logo ko gumrah maat karo.This is the link kindly go thru httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOXr1lQBtKk