10 June 2011

[MUST LISTEN]very important bayan about tajwid and qiraat

Assalamu alaikum
Last wednesday,there was Annual qiraat compitition for students in our Darul ulum,alhamdulillah Crazy particiepents worked hard for it since long time.there were 21 total participate recited quraan in Tartil,tadwir and hadr.
world famous qari haz.mo.qari siddiq sb sansrodi(d.b) who is Shaikhul qurraa in darululum falahe darain,Tadkesar,dist:Surat was chief guest,he delivered amazing bayan about some laws of tajwid and qiraat.this type of bayan is totaly new for our subscribers.must listen this bayan from our website www.attablig.com and listen whole programme from our jamia's official website http://www.jamiakathor.tk/

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