27 April 2011

[MUST LISTEN] bayanat of old workers jor in markaz nizamuddin

assalamu alaikum
3 days old workers of tablig's jor was held in Markaz nizamuddin during 17,18,19 april.
alhamdulillah we uploaded all bayanat of it.

3 bayanat of haz.mo. Ahmed laat sb(d.b)

3 bayanat of haz.mo. Saad sb(d.b)

2 bayanat of haz.mo. Ibrahim Dewla sb(d.b)

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  1. A.O.A,

    Maulana Juned Sahib,please upload more speeches of Nizamuddin Maulana and Buzurgs.Specially try to record the hadith+tafsir lectures of "Madrassa Kashfil Uloom".