04 October 2010

Hajj & Qurbani Special series

assalamu alaikum
alhamdulillah,we r statring new hajj & Qurbani speacial folder in our website www.attablig.com
in which we have

Complete method of hajj by Shaikh salim dhorat sb(d.b)
5 bayanat by Haz.mufti taqi usmani sb(d.b)
4 bayanat by Haz.mo.tari jamil sb(d.b)
4 bayanat by Haz.qari hanif multani sb(r.a)
2 bayanat by shaikh zulfiqar naqshbandi sb(d.b)
and some other speakers

also we r uploding many books about hajj and qurbaani

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