30 October 2010

Difference between hadis and sunnat

tonight(just 2 hours ago) our beloved shaikhul hadis haz.mo.hanif sb luharvi(d.b)
was delivered amazing bayan in weekly majlis of haz.mufti ahmed sb khanpuri(d.b)
(bcoz of haz.mufti sb went for hajj,shaikh hanif sb delivered bayan)
in this bayan haz. told many things like
*Ishqe Ilahi
*Isme Aazam & shaikh a.qadir jilami(r.a) about isme aazam
*Shaikh Zakariya's anwer about"what is tasawwuf ?"
*Taqwa of Allama Lahori(r.a)
*Fazail of Allama siyuti
*Allama ibne humaM married with siyuti's mother.so ibne humam is step father of siyuti
*fazilat of this ummat by siyuti etc

but most important point he told is difference of hadis and sunnat in very easy words.this is answer of ger muqallidin who told every time this is hadis,this is hadis.
plz click HERE and listen 42:50 to end.

For download bayan plz click HERE

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