29 August 2010

sunnat in after salat tasbih

assalamu alaikum
when we pray after salat tasbih,the sunnat is that we count only in right hand.
plz see this web http://www.ahsanululoom.com/,then listen 2010 dora e tafsir series and then see iftitahi bayan(which is at no.3) by mufti e aazam haz.mufti zar wali khan sb(d.b) and listen 39.23 to 41.12
hazrat gave these refrences
abu dawud,kitabus salat,bab-tasbih bads salat
al-manhal,bazalul majhud(sharah abu dawud)
mirqat vol 2 page 363
tahtavi alal maraqi page 172
takmil e majma-ul bihar vol 5,page 587

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