31 August 2010

17,18,19 september Ijtema-Dewsbury (4months)

assalamu Alaikum
As u all may know. there is a joor coming just a week after eid on
17,18,19 september Ijtema (4months) in dewsbury
for all those brothers who have spent 4 months in the path of Allah.

As far as I have heard from my friend from uk, some prominent scholars and mubaligheen from India and Pakistan are coming which includes
maulana Ehsan ul Haq sb.
maulana Farooq bangloori sb.
maulana Ibrahim dewla sb.
And may be inshallah Haji Wahaab sb. Of Pakistan
and others....

Plz know that This ijtema is for only those brothers who have spent 4 months (chaar maah) in the path of Allah..

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