24 July 2012

worldwide Ramazan programmes by different speakers.

worldwide Ramazan programmes in different places by different speakers.

Shaikh Hanif luharvi(d.b) live  from canada (first 10 days and last 8 days of raman) http://www.smacanada.ca/?p=Multimedia/livefeed.html

Shaikh Hanif Luharvi db is in toronto(different masajid)
(i.a all bayanat will available in www.attablig.com)

Haji Shakil sb(d.b) is in Panvel -Mumbai khanqah

(i.a all bayanat will live/download from http://shariat.info)

Moulana Sajjad nomani db is in Neral-Mumbai khanqah

( From 1st to 15th Ramazan(21st July to 5th August) At 5:45 pm IST on http://www.taubah.org )

Moulana Salahuddin saifi db is in Tadkesar-Gujarat khanqah(first 15 days)

(i.a all bayanat will live available in http://www.faizulawliya.org )
Mufti zarwali sb is in Karanchi(daurahe tafsir till 25th ramzan)

(i.a all bayanat will live/download from
 http://serveislam.com/WebApps/SI_DNN...5/Default.aspx )

Mawlana Yunus Palanpuri ( first 14 days of Ramadan )
live on: http://islamicsocietyoftoronto.com/ist/istlive.html
all talks will be available daily on: http://www.talksofdeen.com/Ramadan.html
Maulana Yunus Palanpuri (D.B)(last 15 days)
(i.a all bayanat will live/download from http://www.bayans.org )

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