21 August 2011

[MUST LISTEN] Quame - Jalse me itminan zaruri he(short clip) BY Mo.Saad sb(d.b)

Assalamu alaikum w.w
plz must listen this short clip by Mo.Saad sb(d.b) about Quame - Jalse me itminan zaruri
This bayan was delivered after fajar in markaz nizamuddin on 28th april 2010.

Summary  of bayan: 
It's necessary to rectify one's Salah. Ruku and Sajdah are commonly made very hasty, even by old workers and those who have spent 4-months. Qauma & Jalsah are (almost) non-existent. You will find (almost) no places where Salah is performed properly, no matter if Imam or Muqtadi. People are not aware of the wujub of Qauma and Jalsah, thus it's a common thing amongst them to rush in their Salah. Therefore we should train our own Salah and make our saathis trains their Salah. We should perform long Qauma and Jalsah, because there's no greater means to gain closeness to Allah than Salah. Today we rush through our Salah, because we need to do Mashwarah. We rush through our Salah, because we need to go for Gasht. Astonishing, the Dawah through which we were supposed to perfect our Ibaadah, we go propagating after ruining our Salah. Then he mentions Rasulullah efforts through out the day and his blessed feet getting swollen due to long Qiyam. He exhausted himself in Ibaadah, because exhausting onself in Ibaadah after Dawah is like protecting one's earnings.

All Arkan should be performed with the respective Azkar. One should never leave all the proven Azkar from Sunnah in any Fardh or Nafil, he gave an example of a quite long Zikr for Qaumah. It's claimed that Ahnaf say that these Azkar are for the Nawafil and the Imam is not obliged to recite them, but in reality (proper) Qaumah and Jalsah are not possible without them. Maulana sahab [DB] likes the fact about the Shafi'i method of Salah, that compared to the Ahnaf these Azkar are wajib. Amongst us (Ahnaf) these Azkar are not practised, thus no (proper) Qaumah and Jalsah are performed. Although it's narrated in a Hadith, that Allah does not even look at the Salah of a person who does not straighten his back after rising again from Ruku'.

Then he expresses his delight over reading Maulana Fadhlur Rahman 'Azmi [DB]'s treatise on the Wujub of Qaumah and Jalsah, and asked Allah ta'ala to reward him for that. He wishes from his heart that every worker should have a copy. It's a small treatise on the Wujub of Qaumah and Jalsah and the proofs for the Masnoon Azkar in these positions. In general he says the correct performance of Qaumah and Jalsah amongst Ahnaf is coming to an end. Whichever place Maulana has to go and pray as Muqtadi, he finds no satisfactoriness. Because whoever is not convinced of gaining success through Salah will not understand the importance of it's Arkan. External duties will force him to rush (through his Salah). Maulana (Ilyas or Yusuf ) used to say, that the person who combines Amal and Asbab in Yaqeen will never gain conviction on Amaal. And they are not able to benefit from Allah's being through such Amaal. (They say "Yes, Amal exist and Asbab exist also. We've to take both with us." We have no room for such a statement. Allah grants success ONLY on behalf of Amaal. One should propagate this which such an energy, that one experiences the internal conviction to change from means/situations to the commandments (of Allah). On the other hand, thinking that we leave Asbab is also wrong. Allah has put asbaab in our fitrah. The same way one needs to sleep when tired and eat when hungry, doing tijarat is a natural requirement. It'll be fulfilled, and there's no one to leave tijarat. His necessities will draw the person towards tijarat themselves. But if one mixes Asbaab and Amaal, one will never complete his conviction on Amaal. The Taleem of Fazail and Muntakhab Ahadeeth is for that purpose. To create every doer's conviction (on his actions).
(jazakallah br.true life of SF for  ur summary)

note: plz download that book about which moulana saad sb praised in this bayan is HERE

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