19 February 2011

60 new bayanat of qari tayyib sb(r.a) first time on net

This is a Great news for our website's subscribers speacial and all the ummat that alhamdulillah we have 60 bayanat of qari tayyib sb qasmi(r.a)
(muhtamum darul ulum deoband & khalifa e khas - haz. thanwi r.a)
this bayanat are uploading first time in net.
we are uploading all bayaanat.
we uploaded 20 bayanat now,more will be soon i.a.
so plz get more and more benifit from this and pray for qari tayyib sb and me.
plz click HERE for download bayanat.

1 comment:

  1. Jazakallah,,,
    Very great effort to put them on web...
    Really helped lot to gain broader view of deen..